Australia: African Gang 'Smash & Raid' Jewelry Store

Chris Menahan
Jan. 16, 2017

Video out of Australia shows an African street gang fearlessly rob a jewelry store in broad daylight.

Such brazen criminal acts are now a regular occurrence in "culturally enriched" Melbourne.

From 9NEWS:
Police continue to search for five men responsible for yesterday’s violent daylight robbery of a Toorak Village jewellery store.

Local man Steve Wolf told 9NEWS his six-year-old daughter and wife were near IMP Jewellery on Toorak Road about 1pm when they became caught up in the armed burglary.

“My daughter is now traumatised…she does not deserve this,” Mr Wolf said.
He claimed the thieves’ getaway car, a black Honda Civic, attempted to ram his family’s Mercedez-Benz.

“This is the most lawless society I’ve ever seen.”

CCTV obtained by 9NEWS showed four hooded offenders smashing the shop's cabinets and grabbing jewellery, leaving shattered glass strewn across the floor.
One of the men allegedly produced a firearm to hit a male staff worker on the head.

Nine News understands the staff worker had just returned from stress leave triggered by the robbery of the store last year.

...All of the robbers are described as being of African appearance.
There have been eight such robberies of jewelry stores in Melbourne since July of last year.

Here's video from the same shop last time they were robbed:

Video from early January shows another gang rob H&H Jewellery in Melbourne and make off with $150,000 in valuables.

An African migrant tried to blow up a petrol station in Melbourne late last month.

Evidently, the police were so swamped they didn't even bother to respond.

It won't be long until formerly "anti-gun" Australians are demanding they be allowed to arm themselves to the teeth.

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