CBS Report Gives Impression Chicago Torturers Were Racist Trump Supporters

Chris Menahan
Jan. 07, 2017

CBS managed to spin the torturing of a mentally disabled white man by four black people into the torturing of a black man by racist Trump supporters.

A user on the audio sharing site where this short radio clip was uploaded writes:
"This is a capture from a radio program I was listening to on Jan 5, 7 AM news report. 650 KSTE in Sacramento. The CBS news reporter is clearly trying to leave the impression that the four attackers in Chicago (black teens) were Trump supporters and the victim (a white disabled man) was black."

[UPDATE: I had to swap the clip with a mirror, it got taken down from for unspecified reasons.]

The radio short was clipped from "CBS This Morning" where the races of the attackers and victim were similarly ignored. The difference is their races can be easily discerned by the video clips they play of the torture session.

While the radio broadcaster who introduced the segment could have easily clarified the nature of the attack so as not to give the opposite impression of what actually occurred, it sounds as though no effort was made to do so.

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