Fort Lauderdale Airport Shooter ID'd As 'Esteban Santiago'

Chris Menahan
Jan. 06, 2017

Looks like we've got another "white Hispanic" shooter on our hands...

From Buzzfeed:
US Senator Bill Nelson told MSNBC that the suspected shooter was carrying a military ID -- though it's unsure if it's his, or authentic -- bearing the name Esteban Santiago, born in March 1990. Nelson didn't say how he got that identification.

"The shooter in custody, he is unharmed, no law enforcement fired any shots, the subject is being interviewed by a team of FBI agents and Broward County homicide detectives," said Sheriff Scott Israel. "The suspect was arrested without incident."

"If we do uncover at some time this was related to some type of terrorist activity then the FBI will have complete command of this and we'll move forward the investigation," Israel said. "At this point it looks like he acted alone."

He would not say what type of weapon was used in the "horrific incident."

Chip LaMarca, A Broward County Commissioner, said on Facebook that the suspect was on a flight and checked a gun in his baggage. "The shooter was a passenger on a Canadian flight with a checked gun," he wrote. "He claimed his bag and took the gun from baggage and went into the bathroom to load it. Came out shooting people in baggage claim. There were 13 total shot, 5 dead, 8 transported to hospital."
Videos and more via RT:
Multiple fatalities have been confirmed in a shooting at the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport in Florida. The suspected attacker was taken into custody.

"Multiple people" were dead, Broward County Sheriff's Office told the media. At least five deaths were confirmed.

Eight people were injured and transported to an area hospital, the sheriff's office said. Broward County Mayor Barbara Sharief later updated the number of injured to 13.

"Shooter is in custody and unharmed," said Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel. "No law enforcement officers fired any shots." He confirmed that there was no second shooting despite previous reports. The suspect was being interrogated by the FBI.

"The subject was arrested without incident," Israel clarified. "At this point it looks like he acted alone." The FBI is only assisting with the investigation at this time, Special Agent in Charge George Piro told reporters. If the motive points to terrorism, the sheriff's department will turn the investigation over to the FBI, Israel said.

Broward County authorities said the shooting began outside the terminal and continued inside at the baggage claim. Photos from the scene show at least two victims outside the building.

A graphic video from inside the terminal shows bloodied victims in the baggage claim area.

All services were suspended at all terminals of the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport.

The FLL airport authorities confirmed the incident took place in Terminal 2, but did not offer any further details. Terminal 2 is served by Delta Airlines and Air Canada.

At 2:26pm Eastern time, more shots were reported at the parking garage in Terminal 1, and there was police activity in other terminals previously unaffected by the shooting at Terminal 2.

Mayor Sharief told MSNBC there was no second shooter, however, and that police were searching the airport out of abundance of caution.

Video from the airport showed a man being taken away by police. Passengers inside the terminals were instructed to continue sheltering in place.

Florida Governor Rick Scott traveled to Fort Lauderdale to oversee the government response.

FLL handles 80-100,000 passengers on a typical day, director Mark Gale told reporters. Airport authorities are working with the police to clear the terminals and release everyone both inside the buildings and still on the tarmac.

Senator Bill Nelson (D-Florida) identified the gunman as Esteban Santiago, 26.

Santiago had a military ID and a handgun with him during the shooting, Nelson told MSNBC. A photo of the alleged attacker has been posted on social media, but has not been verified by the authorities.

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