George Stephanopoulos' Wife Says Their Daughters Are Terrified After Trump's Election

Chris Menahan
Dec. 14, 2016

George Stephanopoulos and his wife Ali Wentworth have filled their young daughters' minds with such insane fearmongering that their youngest now needs to sleep in their bed at night while the other freaked out about there being "no abortions."

Their girls are 11 and 14.

From the Free Beacon:
Ali Wentworth, the wife of ABC host George Stephanopoulos, said Tuesday on “The View” that the couple’s teenage daughters are scared following Donald Trump’s election victory.

While discussing the 2016 presidential election with the hosts of ABC’s show “The View,” Wentworth described how her daughters were handling Hillary Clinton’s loss.

“I have an eleven-year-old daughter who doesn’t really understand what ISIS is but she knows that she is scared and she is now sleeping in bed with us every night,” Wentworth said.

“Yeah, so what do you do? You got little girls, you see what’s happening,” co-host Whoopi Goldberg responded. “What can you say to other parents who are at their wit’s end with their children who are scared, and they’re also scared as adults?”
Wentwothh went on to tell a story about her other daughter throwing a fit after Trump won because there would be "no abortions."

Via NewsBusters:
WENTWORTH: I'll tell you a story I wasn't planning on telling which might be the end of my marriage. But we were watching the election -- [Turning to Hostin] she says ‘No.’

WENTWORTH: Well then George Stephanopoulos will be free then honey! There ya go.

[Hostin laughs]

HOSTIN: I’m sorry, sorry. Well I wanted to talk about your new show--

WENTWORTH: Happy Holidays.

HOSTIN: It’s just so fantastic--

BEHAR: Tell me later.

WENTWORTH: I'll tell you later. It just involves my 14-year-old getting upset about the election and screaming, “No abortions!” really loudly. I was like, “You haven't kissed a boy yet so don't use that word so flippantly,” but she meant women's rights.
If you watch the clip, it's noteworthy how the panel went out of their way to try and change the subject so she wouldn't tell the story, despite being in the news business.

Regardless, this is more proof liberals are literally driving themselves and their children genuinely mentally ill.

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