WATCH: African Migrants Celebrate After 400 Cross Border Illegally Into Spain

Chris Menahan
Dec. 10, 2016

Some 400 military-aged males from Africa managed to storm into Spain in what's being called the "biggest break-in to the territory in over a decade."

From EuroNews:
Around 400 African migrants are estimated to have made it onto Spanish soil after scaling a barbed-wire fence into Spainís North African enclave of Ceuta, which borders Morocco.

One group euphorically shouted ďEspaŮaĒ, some even performing cartwheels as they were filmed by local TV cameras immediately after arriving.
Itís said to be the biggest break-in to the territory in over a decade.

The government said most were taken to a temporary migrant detention centre to have their legal status clarified.

Others who tried to climb the six-metre high fence were filmed perched on top. Several hundred who attempted to cross didnít make it.
By late morning an estimated 20 percent of those who did succeed in entering had not been located. The migrants who managed to breach the barrier did so using wire cutters or sharp objects in at least two sections of the fence.

Most of them are without papers and thought to come from sub-Saharan African. They were given food at the temporary centre, where a scramble suggested many were indeed hungry.
...In theory they have the right to claim asylum, but Amnesty International has accused the authorities of illegally sending people back, giving them no chance to do so.
Amnesty International is trying to claim it's "illegal" to send back military-aged males who literally invaded their country without giving them a chance to get asylum.

What exactly would these migrants claim asylum from? Having to live in their own countries?

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