AP Wrongly Refers To Ohio Stabbing As 'Ohio Shooting' Ten Days After The Event

Chris Menahan
Dec. 08, 2016

The Associated Press wrongly reported Donald Trump met today with the "victims and families of the Ohio State University shooting," the incident was in fact a stabbing and a car attack.

It's been known for ten days now the initial reports suggesting the attack was a shooting were incorrect.

Nonetheless, the AP titled their latest video, "Trump Meets With Ohio Shooting Families" and wrote in the description: "President-elect Donald Trump met with the victims and families of the Ohio State University shooting and also commented to reporters on the passing of astronaut John Glenn. (Dec. 8)."

While the Somali refugee attacker was shot by a police officer, the "victims and families" were not victims of any shooting, they were victims of a car attack and a stabbing.

This is one of the largest new organizations in the world which would no doubt give everything to be the final arbiter of "fake news."

YouTube comments pointed out the error and mocked the AP as "fake news" themselves:

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