Howard Dean Says Steve Bannon Is A 'Nazi'

Chris Menahan
Nov. 21, 2016

Steve Bannon = Hitler confirmed!

From Breitbart:
Former Democratic National Committee chair Howard Dean called incoming White House Chief Strategist and Senior Counselor Stephen K. Bannon a "Nazi" on Sunday during an interview with journalist Evan Solomon of Canada's CTV.

Appearing on CTV's Question Period, Dean commented on President-elect Donald J. Trump's recent appointments.

"He's a complicated guy," Dean said, referring to Trump. "He appoints a reasonable person, who's much more conservative than I am, but someone you can talk to, as his Chief of Staff — and then the senior's adviser's a Nazi," Dean exclaimed.
The interviewer interjected. "OK, hang on. Slow down. This is interesting. You're talking about Reince Priebus, who is the chairman of the Republican National Party [sic], right? He's now [Trump's] Chief of Staff. Steve Bannon, who ran something called Breitbart News –"

Dean interrupted: "Which is a far-right, antisemitic publication."

"You called him a Nazi?" Solomon asked, incredulous.

"Well, He's antisemitic, he's anti-black and he's anti-women," Dean said.

"People like to throw around this word,  'Nazi.' It's a pretty big word," Solomon said.

Dean replied: "It's a big word. I don't usually use it unless somebody's really antisemitic, really misogynist, really anti-black."

"You really believe he's that — I mean, again, he –" Solomon asked, before being interrupted.

"You go look at Breitbart News, you'll make up your own mind," Dean said.

Solomon pointed out that Trump's daughter, Ivanka, had married an Orthodox Jew. "How do you square the circle?"

"That's a very good question. I have no idea how he squares the circle," Dean said.
Indeed, it's amazing how he manages to be a Nazi while at the same time being pro-Israel and having worked for a company, which in the words of Breitbart's Jewish CEO Larry Salov, "was founded by Jews, is largely staffed by Jews, and has an entire section dedicated to reporting on and defending the Jewish state of Israel."

Howard "Donald Trump is a Coke Head" Dean said it, therefor it must be true.

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