'She's a Liar!': Women Explain Why They Hate Hillary

"Her voice drives me crazy"
Nov. 08, 2016

Women hanging out on a beach in Southern California cited various reasons for disliking Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, in the latest video shot by social commentator Mark Dice.

Out of several opinions, many women interviewed by Dice agreed that Hillary is a liar.

Here are their responses:

• “I’m not a fan of her either, because she’s a criminal is pretty much how I put it.”

• “She’s a liar, and I hate her voice. Her voice drives me crazy.”

• “She has a period. She’s too emotional.”

• “I always say that I do not get in conversations about politics because it always gets dirty, messy. She’s a liar. She’s a liar. She’s a liar.”

• “Cause she’s a liar.”

• “She’s terrible. She lost to Obama eight years ago, so why she’s still running is kind of absurd to me.”

• “I don’t like Hillary. I just believe in more personal freedom and less government control and that’s what she’s all about. She’s also a liar. She has all kinds of money that she took from our government and gets from public speaking for all kinds of associations that we as the United States government don’t want to be associated with.”

• “Well she’s just always run by big money and she has so many scandals going on. And I just don’t think she has any good policies going forward, so I’m just not interested. I know she plays the female card, and I’m a female and I wouldn’t mind a female president, but I don’t want one just to have one. If I don’t agree with her policies and I don’t think it’s for a better America then it’s not something I want.”

• “Well she’s been in office far too long. We need somebody fresh and is not easily persuaded by lobbyists. It’s time for a change. Hillary is out of here.”

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