Illegal Alien Cocaine Dealer Deported 25 TIMES Arrested In Phoenix, AZ

Chris Menahan
Nov. 08, 2016

An illegal alien cocaine dealer from Mexico who was reportedly making $20,000 a week told police in Phoenix he'd been deported "about 25 times."

From ABC 15:
PHOENIX - Police arrested a man making $20,000 per week in cocaine sales throughout the Phoenix area.

Court records show that a man who illegally crossed the border 25 times, was arrested after a three-month drug investigation where it was found that he was making about $20,000 per week selling drugs.

Police report that 44-year-old Jesus Bustamante was arrested on November 1 when police raided his home near 48th Street and McDowell Road.

The three-month drug investigation lead police to Bustamante, whom they say is the "leader of a drug cell distributing cocaine throughout the Phoenix Metropolitan area."

Police say the drug cell had many customers and was making over $20,000 per week. Police found about $178,000 in cash hidden throughout his home.

...After his arrest Bustamante allegedly admitted to selling drugs, saying he's been doing it for five months. He also reportedly told police that he crossed the border illegally, walking through the desert in the Nogales area. He said he had been deported about 25 times in the past.
Hillary Clinton wants to give this bad hombre amnesty. We need a wall and we need it now. Vote Trump.

HT: Illegal Alien Crime Report

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