Googling 'Grifter' Brings Up Picture of Hillary Clinton

Chris Menahan
Oct. 31, 2016

It's not just Googling "pathological lying" which brings up a picture of Hillary Clinton, searching "grifter" does as well.

A grifter is person who swindles another out of money.

Since at least 6:20 PM EST on Monday, a Google search for the term brings up a picture of Hillary Clinton along with a description for grifter on Wikipedia which reads: "A grifter is a practitioner of confidence tricks."

The box on the right also shows the definition of "con artist."

Much like with the term "pathological lying," a picture of Hillary Clinton is quite a fitting result.

Nonetheless, just like with pathological lying, we can be assured the Clinton shills at Google will tamper with their results as soon as they're made aware of the situation.

UPDATE: Sure enough, Google removed the image as of 2:30AM EST!

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