State Dept. Lied: Officials Tell NBC News U.S. Did Pressure Ecuador to Silence Assange

Chris Menahan
Oct. 20, 2016

Anonymous officials tell NBC News the US government did pressure Ecuador to shut up Julian Assange, despite the State Department's claims to the contrary.

From NBC News:
Quiet pressure from the U.S. government played a role in Ecuador's decision to block WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange from using the internet at Ecuador's London embassy, U.S. officials told NBC News.

"It was a bit of an eviction notice," said a senior intelligence official.

Ecuador's government said Tuesday it had partly restricted internet access for Assange, the founder of anti-secrecy group WikiLeaks, who has lived in the South American country's London embassy for more than four years. A source familiar with the situation says the Ecuadoran government has been frustrated with Assange and his presence at the embassy in London for months and has been considering how best to proceed.

The action came after U.S. officials conveyed their conclusion that Assange is a willing participant in a Russian intelligence operation to undermine the U.S. presidential election, NBC News has learned. U.S. intelligence officials believe Assange knows he is getting the information from Russian intelligence, though they do not believe he is involved in helping plan the hacking, officials told NBC.

...U.S. intelligence officials told NBC that a message was conveyed to Ecuador that it should stop allowing Assange to carry water for Russian intelligence agencies, and that Ecuador, though run by a leftist, anti-American government, was receptive.
There is zero evidence these "hacks" were carried out by Russia.

In fact, there's no evidence anyone was even hacked.

John Podesta was using a Gmail account. Gmail has not been "hacked by the Russians."

Today we learned Podesta actually clicked on a phishing email scam and put his password into a fake Gmail login page with a weird and obviously fake URL.

He fell for the most common scam in the book.

Despite this embarrassing fact, the Clinton campaign and her lackeys in the government are trying to say this was all some Russian "hacking" plot even though no "hacking" even occurred.

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