Internet Sleuths Connect Hillary With Attempt to Frame Assange as Pedo, Russian Spy

Chris Menahan
Oct. 19, 2016

Reddit internet sleuths have connected Hillary Clinton to the despicable smear being spread by Democrat shills that Julian Assange is a pedophile and a Russian spy.

Not only is the story a complete lie, but it appears the people behind it issued veiled threats on Julian Assange and his lawyer's lives.

Redditors summarized the whole case in this useful picture:

Note, David Soloff has since set his Twitter to "protected," which prevents the public at large from viewing your tweets.

One redditor said the name Todd and Clare itself is a veiled death threat in German:

"These people can't even control their sick sense of humor. Todd and Clare. Tod und klar. Dead and clear," he wrote.

Another redditor responded:
Sick sense of 'humor' ? I dunno man, this shit might go deeper than just humor.

From page 3/4 :
The reasons why Julian’s cooperation are necessary at this stage, are beyond the scope of this email message.

Disclosures on Helena Kennedy
So that Hannah’s “offer” is taken seriously, please let us provide Julian with 3 facts about his
attorney that are unknown to the public.

Inside Helena’s North London house, there is a unique, spiral metal staircase located near to the
front door, which leads down to the kitchen, which is also the basement. The inside of the house,
where Helena has lived since the 80s, is not visible on Google Streetview nor any public database.

Inside Helena’s house, on a mantelpiece near to Iain’s office where he executes his Maxillofacial
hospital papers; there has existed a framed photo of Tony Blair and his family, incl. wife Cherie and
Blair’s young children.

Historically, Helena’s son “Keir” was removed from a catholic school in Fulham called The London
Oratory. Neither Helena Kennedy nor her family have discussed this publicly at any time.

Our source has provided information that Julian’s stay in ...
Let's consider the gravity of what just was laid out here. Along with some important context: Julian's lawyer John Jones was hit by a train in April this year. Now it's September and Julian is receiving this email asking him to accept $1m deal and just so he knows the "offer is serious" they include intimate details of Julian's current (ALIVE) laywer Helena Kennedy; about her family and unique personal items inside her family's home.

Veiled threat much??

Whoever is behind this is sick, that is for sure.
Not only did the government of Ecuador cut off his internet to keep him from exposing Hillary Clinton, but shadowy forces are threatening he and his lawyer's lives.

This is the depth of corruption were dealing with when it comes to the Clintons.

We need to do everything in our power to assure this evil woman does not become president.

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