CNN Video From 2008 Shows Obama 'Flaunting Erection to Female Reporters'

Chris Menahan
Oct. 13, 2016

Buried video from 2008 shows Obama lewdly flaunting an erection before swooning female reporters.

From Grabien News:
As Donald Trump weathers a storm of controversy over randy comments he made to TV celebrity reporter Billy Bush in 2005, new video to emerge from the 2008 presidential campaign shows now-President Obama appearing to behave just as salaciously.

Aboard a campaign flight, then-Senator Obama is talking on a cellphone as he arises from his seat; nearby a female reporter catches a glance of something that makes her uncomfortable, sending her skirmishing to the back of the plane.

Obama, rather than downplay the awkward display, instead plays it up, positioning himself so the gathered reporters have little choice but to take in his chauvinistic performance.

Meanwhile, a female voice can be heard ordering everyone to sit down, ostensibly so they can get a better look. The gathered female reporters laugh at the scene, further encouraging Obama's bawdy behavior.

The video, originally shot by CNN cameras, emerged Tuesday on Twitter, where it spread quickly.
Apparently CNN buried the video:
Seems we may have uncovered a few more details about CNN's behavior in possibly covering up this video.

Back in 2008, at least a portion of the below video of Obama flaunting himself did appear on CNN's website.

However, no media coverage made any reference to lewdness. There was just reference to the unremarkable news that Obama was ... wearing jeans.

CNN captioned the clip with only what follows, which Michelle Malkin and Allahpundit took note of at the time:
“Obama in jeans: Sen. Barack Obama surprises the press corps by wearing jeans.”
It appears that the portion of the video that would have created a firestorm had been circumsized by CNN editors.
Photos from Getty unearthed by The Daily Caller show he's show he appears to be packing a bulge.

While Trump's lewd comments in private were plastered all over every news channel and newspaper in America a month before the election, Obama's pre-election boner-flaunting was buried and cheered by the same media in private.

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