BBC Host Says Boys And Girls Should Be Shown Porn Together In Schools

Chris Menahan
Oct. 13, 2016

How progressive!

From The Daily Mail:
Woman's Hour host Jenni Murray says teenagers should be shown pornography in class and analyse it like they would a Jane Austen novel.

The Radio 4 presenter, 66, said youngsters could watch sex videos together before discussing it with a teacher.

She also said she wanted sex education classes to be known as ‘gender studies’ so parents would not object to children taking part.

Dame Jenni made the comments after she was asked how to tackle the prevalence of internet pornography – warning that a change in the education system was needed in order to deal with the problem.

She told an audience at the Cheltenham Literary Festival: ‘We give our kids Jane Austen to read and we say, “OK let’s analyse it”.
Brilliant, we should also give them drugs to teach them how to use properly, because progress.
‘We might show them a news bulletin that has been on television the night before. Why not show them pornography and teach them how to analyse it?

‘You put boys and girls together in a class and you show them a pornographic film and you analyse it in exactly the same way as you teach them to read all the other cultures around them.’

Youngsters would be given the chance to discuss what they saw so they realised that ‘normal’ women did not behave like those who appear in X-rated films.
Sorry Jenni, this is not nearly progressive enough.

Kids should be shown transsexual pornography -- as a group -- so they can also learn that's not how "normal" trans-peoples behave.
Girls were engaging in sexual acts not for themselves but because they ‘want to please boys’, she said. Dame Jenni also said she wanted to overhaul how children were taught about the facts of life in schools.

‘I would abolish sex education,’ she declared. ‘I would put the what goes where and how and how things are made and all of that into biology because that is science and no parent is going to say “oh, I don’t want my child getting involved in biology or science”.Whereas an awful lot of parents might say, “I don’t want my child to have sex education”.

‘What we would then have is a compulsory subject called gender education, so it doesn’t have the word sex in it so nobody can complain or be upset.’
If we call it "biology" instead of "sex," no one can complain when we show their kids porn and call it "education"!

I'm so glad to see how we're progressing as a people!

With so much progress around our young people, it's hard to believe they're now shifting hard to the right.

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