WOW! CNN Caught Coaching 'Independent Voter Panel' On What To Say!

Chris Menahan
Oct. 10, 2016

Viral video shows a CNN anchor coaching a panel of "independent voters" on what to say!

This is now the second "independent voter panel" they've been busted coaching!

Just days ago, another independent voter panelist for the vice presidential debate said CNN coached members of their focus group to change from saying they were "third party supporters" to "undecideds."

Panelist Justin Smith wrote on Facebook:
You want to know what you won't hear on CNN about the focus group from tonight's debate?

After the debate, they asked all of us in the focus group if we were decided on a candidate. Out of 28 panel members, 5 said they were decided on Clinton, 2 said they were decided on Trump, and 12 said they were going to vote 3rd party. But once they saw the response, they reshot the segment and replaced "3rd party" with "still undecided". You'll noticed on the live feed, I refused to raise my hand.

(The below portion has been added to my origional post 13 hours later to clear up some confusion. I want to make sure this story is told correctly because it is important)

What happened was they asked us for the first time if any of us were now decided after having watched the debate. 5 said that they would vote for Clinton. 2 said that they would vote for Trump, and 12 said that they would vote 3rd party.

They then said they were going to reshoot it, execept this time they changed "3rd party" to "undecided". Some of us asked about the third party option, and they ignored us. They then said they were going to shoot it again, and still asked for "undecided" voteres and left out "3rd party". A lot fo the members voted "undecided" becuase it was the only option other then Trump or Clinton.

If you watch the one they aired live (when they asked us a 4th time, again leaving out the 3rd party option) you'll notice that I refused to vote for any of the options. I just wish the other 11 had done the same and not changed their vote because of the options given us.

CNN then reported that the majority of us were undecided. That was not the case when they asked how many of us where going to vote 3rd party.
Here's the footage from that last scam:

CNN needs to have its broadcasting license pulled for fraud!

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