'Go F*ck Yourself': Clinton Spokesman Gets Triggered by Donald Trump

Chris Menahan
Oct. 09, 2016

Clinton foreign policy spokesman Jesse Lehrich got triggered hard after Donald Trump smashed crooked Hillary in tonight's debate.

Taking to Twitter during the debate, he told Trump: "Go Fuck Yourself."

Lehrich was butthurt Trump pointed out Khazir Kahn's son would still be alive today if he were president because he wouldn't have gotten involved in the stupid war Hillary Clinton voted for.

While people try and claim Trump would have supported the war because of some flippant comments on Howard Stern, the truth is he wouldn't have surrounded himself with Israel-first neocons like Bush did, so there's no chance in hell he actually would have went into Iraq because it made no logical sense.

Lehrich was made to apologize:
In the spin room after the debate, which was held at St. Louis’ Washington University, Clinton campaign press secretary Brian Fallon told The Daily Caller’s Vince Coglianese that Lehrich’s remark "has no place in our campaign."

"He apologized, as he should have," Fallon said.
I hereby demand his resignation.

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