CNN Made Fun Of "Expanding Miss Universe" Alicia Machado Back In 1997

Chris Menahan
Sep. 28, 2016

While CNN is now attacking Trump for joking about former Miss Universe Alicia Machado's dramatic weight gain two decades ago, archives show CNN did the same.

Jeanne Moos, who still works at CNN, wrote an article titled, "Expanding Miss Universe works to shed pounds" back in 1997:
When Alicia Machado of Venezuela was named Miss Universe nine months ago, no one could accuse her of being the size of the universe. But as her universe expanded, so did she, putting on nearly 60 pounds.

Indeed, the reigning Miss Universe learned the hard way that an extra 15 or 20 pounds can gain you a ton of publicity. But now she's determined to shed at least 15 pounds, though the loss of her Miss Universe crown is no longer an issue.

Jeanne Moos still works at CNN.
"Some people when they have pressure eat too much. Like me. Like Alicia," said Donald Trump, the executive producer of the Miss Universe Pageant.

Since winning the crown, the former Miss Venezuela went from 118 pounds to -- well -- a number that kept growing like the size of the fish that got away.
Trump actually came across as very friendly. Despite Machado potentially losing an endorsement deal with Kellogg because of her weight, he chose not to fire her and instead took pressure off her by poking fun at a gaggle of reporters, telling them: "A lot of you folks have weight problems. I hate to tell you."
Rumors also surfaced that she might be forced to give up her Miss Universe crown.

But Trump, as co-owner of rights to the pageant, said he would never let that happen. "We had a choice of: termination or do this," he said. "We wanted to do this."

Machado is one of Hillary Clinton's "new voters" seeking to disenfranchise "native" Americans who overwhelmingly support Trump.
The pageant's meaning of "do this" was for Machado to get her weight down to about 130 pounds. At a recent photo op, Machado -- hardly a blimp at 5-foot-7 -- pedaled a stationary bicycle and jumped rope in front of a pack of photographers and reporters who could themselves use a little training.

"A lot of you folks have weight problems. I hate to tell you," Trump told the rowdy pool of reporters.
Reports have since indicated Alicia Machado allegedly threatened to kill a judge in Venezuela and was also accused of being the getaway driver in an attempted murder. Additionally, GotNews is reporting Machado had an anchor baby here in America with Mexican drug kingpin Gerardo Alvarez-Velazquez.

Despite a "good moral character" being a requirement for naturalization, Machado was given citizenship last month. She said on Twitter she plans to vote for Hillary Clinton.

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