Pumped-Full-o-Pills Hill Seen Conquering Stairs in First Showing Since Collapse

Chris Menahan
Sep. 15, 2016

We can rebuild her; we have the technology.

Hilldawg managed to climb a set of stairs all by herself Thursday afternoon in her first appearance since her free fall collapse on September 11th.

From The American Mirror:
Hillary Clinton has finally re-emerged after her Sunday collapse and she wasn’t taking any chances during her trek up a short flight of stairs.

Clinton clutched the railing all the way up the steps into her plane on Thursday afternoon, and even held on as she stopped at the top to wave to her adoring fans, er, reporters.

“She’s smiling, she’s waving, she’s going inside her plane,” CNN anchor Wolf Blitzer breathlessly told viewers.

You have to admit it's impressive -- not her performance, but modern medicine and technology somehow keeping this old "demon" hag (Bill's words) from croaking.

Soon we'll find out if she can survive the debates.

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