'It Was Boiling!' The Late Late Show with James Corden Runs Damage Control for Hillary's Collapse

It was actually anywhere from 74-78 degrees with a 10 mph breeze.
Chris Menahan

Sep. 13, 2016

As late night TV shows receive such little political scrutiny, they can generally get away with even more blatant propaganda than cable news channels like MSNBC or CNN.

Case in point, this hilarious clip from James Corden's The Late Late Show -- which isn't funny because the writing is actually humorous -- but is hysterically funny because it's just transparent propaganda delivered before a coached audience ordered to clap by an "applause sign."

Corden said Hillary's collapse is no big deal because the weather was "boiling" and the "most humid, disgusting weather [he's] ever seen."

"Can we really blame Hillary for getting overheated?" Corden said.

"I was in New York this weekend, I have to say, it was the most humid, disgusting weather I've ever seen," Corden said.

"It was boiling," he said, "I passed out when I was there, and it was just from tapping my phone for an Uber."

He then fell down to try and get a laugh.

The weather was actually anywhere from 74-78 degrees with a 10 mph breeze.

Here's Trump's ad he took out of context:

Here's Hillary "overheating":

Here's the top comments, no one is buying his shtick:

What's interesting about this clown's show is when he started he specifically said he wasn't going to do politics because he didn't feel it was appropriate as a Brit to come to America and lecture us on what to think.

His first few shows, which I actually watched, we're actually really funny and it was rather surprising considering how bad most network TV is.

Of course, he ditched that entirely after just a few weeks and the show's since devolved into a propaganda tool of the Democratic party, where just like The Daily Show and almost every other late night TV show, it's basically just DNC talking points with a laugh track.

That said, it's pretty funny watching him debase himself on behalf of Sumner Rothstein.

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