German Police Tell Women 'Wear Sneakers' to Outrun Migrant Rapists

Chris Menahan
Sep. 12, 2016

German police finally came up with a solution to the migrant rape crisis: tell women to wear sneakers so they can outrun their migrant rapists -- even though they're all young men.

From Freie Zeiten (translated with Google):
GERMANY. Last year alone, came over a million immigrants from the Third World to Germany, almost exclusively men. Since then, the number of sexual assaults has exploded. Now is the Federal Advice to German women how to protect themselves against rape.

"If women have an oppressive feeling about it, if they come across a group of men or a situation to perceive, from the present a risk, they should trust their intuition definitely avoid, in this situation get in rates," said Markus Koth, Spokesperson the Bundeskriminalamt (BKA), according
After suggesting the women scream for help from passersby and police comes these suggestions:

"Wear sneakers instead of high heels, so you can run away."

Travel in groups of at least "two or three" people.

Avoid "alcohol and drugs."

I'm sure running from these military aged males is a cinch.

"Drink only from bottles" with bottle caps which can't be tampered with or removed.

Don't only look at your phone, "but actively observe the area."

Don't act "as a victim, but act as an opponent," target assailants "genitals, joints, eyes, nose select and ears... because there the sensation of pain is the strongest."

In short, German women and girls now need to live in a constant state of fear because Merkel's beloved "refugees" are always on the hunt.

Our migrants are our strength.

In Sweden, police recently handed out "don't rape" stickers to girls at public swimming pools and handed out similar "don't rape me" wrist bands.

In Finland, police recommended women "use the force."

Rather than simply not invite these migrant rapists into our countries, our women and children just need to learn to outrun them.

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