SHOCK VIDEO: Gang Members Film Friend Attacking White Female Store Clerk With Back Turned

Thugs film themselves celebrating assault, call woman "motherf**king bitch."
Chris Menahan

Sep. 07, 2016

Shocking video shows a gang of homosexual black men film their fellow gang member attacking a store clerk with her back turned after she asked him to leave.

The viral video starts with the gang members entering a convenience store while complaining about how one of them lost their phone.

After the store returns the lost phone, a short African-American man is seen screaming at two female store clerks for several minutes and blaming them for his own mishap.

When a blonde female worker comes out from behind the counter and orders him to leave, he gets in her face and puts his hands on her, at which point she says "don't touch me."

For some reason, I guess because she assumed the guy had some basic sense of human decency, she turns her back to him, at which point he clocks her in the back of the head and calls her a "bitch."

When a customer moved to apprehend the thug, his fellow gang members moved in to fight with him and managed to set him free.

The gang then flees to their car, where they're seen celebrating the assault while speaking into a camera phone. All their faces can be seen.

The assaulter can be heard expressing joy that the incident was filmed and repeating how they're "coming to Atlanta" and will "rock any motherf**king bitch."

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