Australia: 'Race War' Breaks Out Between Aborigines and Whites

Chris Menahan
Aug. 30, 2016

A "race war" broke out in Australia after an aborigine 14-year-old boy was killed while driving a stolen motorcycle.

The cycle's owner, a 55-year-old man, was "involved" in an accident with the teenage thief. He was driving a Nissan Navara, it's not clear if their two vehicles made contact. The teen's was named Elijah Doughty.

The unnamed man was charged with manslaughter in connection with Doughty's death, he was scheduled to show up court yesterday.

Outside the courthouse in Kalgoorlie where he was going to appear, some 200 angry "protesters" staged a violent riot which one local station referred to as a "race war."

The rioters attacked police officers, jumped on their police vehicles and smashed the windows of their patrol cars with large rocks.

The rioters also laid siege to the courthouse itself, storming the gates and throwing rocks at the building, shattering its large glass panes.

The rioters were seen carrying a banner which read "All Lives Matter."

A dozen officers were reportedly injured and multiple arrests were made.

Doughty's aunt said he was a good boy.

"He was a very happy-go-lucky kid. He was never a bad kid," she said.

Watch a video report on the incident from 9 News Australia:

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