The Daily Caller: "Who Is Pepe, Really?"

Chris Menahan
Aug. 30, 2016

The Daily Caller ran an excellent article explaining the rise of the alt-right.

Freelance writer Henry Dampier writes:
With Hillary Clinton’s speech accusing Donald Trump of associating with the alternative right on Thursday, the commentariat has worked itself into a foam over what it all means.

Who is Pepe? Are memes real? Is Donald Trump really a time traveler? Why is Harry Potter a Nazi now?

I don’t know. Conventional Republicans feel that the ground has shifted from under them. What caused that?

What Freaked Out the Normies?

When you actually meet the people who live behind the internet masks, you’ll often find ordinary middle-class Americans.

You’ll find professionals, ranking government bureaucrats, lawyers, technologists, and more. While you may find losers peppered in among them, that shouldn’t be that surprising: more Americans are out of the labor force than at any other time in modern history.
Here's the money quote:
Why has white identity politics suddenly emerged as a nationally important issue?

Well, let’s put forward a little thought experiment. Let’s say that you’ve just started your prison sentence. You have no friends in prison. Maybe you are a little chubby, or you have a squeaky voice. This prison is run by various gangs. These gangs don’t look like Hollywood movie multi-racial rainbow gangs. Most of these gangs take race very seriously and not in an academic way.

Let us say that you check the ‘White’ box on the census. You may want to say that you are part Irish-American with an Italian grandmother, but as far as the prison population is concerned, your options for gang membership are limited.

If you want to avoid being stabbed at the cafeteria, whose table do you go to sit at?

Do you try to join up with the Bloods, or do you join the Aryan Nations? Or do you decide that getting stabbed is preferable to compromising on your principles? Do you go up to the Bloods table and introduce yourself by saying “How do you do, fellow Americans? The potato salad looks absolutely delightful today.”

Now, America isn’t quite an open-air prison. But, in case you haven’t noticed, it is a country in which ethnic conflict is continually provoked by elites in the press and in the government, in which prestigious publications will gleefully incite race riots with no consequences to them other than a few mean tweets.

The GOP establishment is like a negligent prison administration that insists that there is no gang activity in the prison, and that the prisoners should all work together peacefully to meet their license plate production quota or whatever.

Sometimes GOP talking heads use rhetoric that sound like a prison foreman paraphrasing Martin Luther King about why the prisoners should work together more efficiently across racial lines to exceed their license plate production quota by at least 32% this quarter.

“I have a dream… that we stand on the warm threshold of beating our production quota!”

Not that inspirational.
Read the full article in The Daily Caller.

As I noted yesterday, studies show "diversity" actually destroys trust.

The left's forcing such massive demographic changes in America is what's causing the rise of the so-called far-right, and the same is true now in Germany, Austria, France, Greece and all over Europe as a result of the migrant crisis. Similar is even occurring now in Australia where they're being enriched by the wondrous Apex street gang.

We're in a fight for our survival here in America and throughout the Western world, the alt-right is how we're fighting back and Donald Trump is just the beginning.

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