MTV's Black Lives Matter Themed VMAs See Ratings Plummet

Chris Menahan
Aug. 30, 2016

Here's a shocker: no one turned on their TVs to watch the two hour Black Lives Matter protest called the "MTV Video Music Awards."

From Variety:
MTV’s Video Music Awards may have been the talk of Twitter Sunday night, but the music show failed to draw a television audience on par with past installments.

The 2016 VMAs, featuring performances by Beyoncé, Rihanna and Britney Spears, among others, drew 6.5 million total viewers across MTV and 10 Viacom-owned sister networks, according to Nielsen live-plus-same day numbers. That’s down 34% from last year’s roadblock telecast across the same 11 channels.

Last year was the first in which the VMAs were carried on all Viacom’s cable channels. The 2015 version’s cumulative live-plus-same day audience was down 3% from the year prior, when the awards show was carried on MTV, VH1 and MTV2.
I actually skipped through some of this show because a friend insisted I watch for the lulz.

It was vomit inducing propaganda.

Here's a good sampling of what it was like:

Kanye West had some incoherent rant where he at least mentioned -- incoherently -- the killings going on every day in Chicago. The message, which I'm pretty much just guessing was a message, was no doubt lost in a sea of otherwise total gibberish, all of which was clapped for by the audience of complete morons, half of which seemed to have purple hair and some sort of GRIDS.

I particularly enjoyed Alicia Keys' terrible Black Lives Matter speech which she finished by saying the "true meaning of this union" is that "all women [long pause] and men [zero pause] are created equal."

Who knew our "egalitarian" founders, many of whom owned slaves, were a bunch of "equal rights for all" feminists?

We used to actually have a culture in this country before it was hijacked by a hostile elite who've churned out nothing but degenerate filth for decades.

We need to bring it back.

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