Germany: Anti-Immigration Group Scales Brandenburg Gate in Protest of Merkel

Chris Menahan
Aug. 29, 2016

Brave patriots from the right-wing youth group Generation Identitaire scaled the Brandenburg Gate in Germany to protest Angela Merkel's open borders policies.

The group unfurled a giant banner reading "secure borders, secure future."

From Breitbart:
According to their Facebook page the Identitarians say that the protest was to make the average German aware that Merkel and her government were clearly breaking German laws and that the migration crisis policies were an utter failure. The group spoke of the many migrants the German government was forced to admit they had no idea where they were and highlighted the recent terror attacks in Bavaria saying that the policies of a “multicultural utopia” were leading to a rapidly fragmented society.

The slogan “secure borders, secure future,” they said represents their desire to see a “fortress Europe” that can withstand and turn back the waves of migrants flooding into Europe and Germany. Since the start of the migrant crisis the Identitarians have called on European governments in multiple countries to secure their borders against mass migration, something that governments like Germany resisted claiming that upholding the European Union’s Schengen free movement agreement was more important.

Finally the group gave a signal to the youth of Europe who may also be weary of the mass migration policies of the establishment calling for them to defend themselves through peaceful action against mass migration, increasing Islamisation and governments who they say break the rules and the laws whenever it suits them.

Merkel after she saw the banner.

Here's some pictures they shared on twitter:

Here's video they just released showing how they scaled the gate:

Well done, comrades!

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