Sheldon Adelson Pledged to Give Trump $100 Million, He's Yet to Give Him a Dime

Chris Menahan
Aug. 25, 2016

Donald Trump cannot be bought.

Jewish billionaire casino magnate Sheldon Adelson pledged to give Trump $100 million back in May, he's yet to give him a dime.

From NBC News:
With fewer than 80 days until election day, Republican kingmaker Sheldon Adelson still hasn't put any money toward Donald Trump's campaign for president, according to newly released filings from the Federal Election Commission.

The snub from Las Vegas casino magnate, who is one of the GOP's largest donors, is another example of the concerns some members of the Republican Party still have with their presidential nominee.

Adelson, whose top political priority is the security of Israel, attended the Republican National Convention in July. He was prepared to support Trump after the convention, but the candidate's tumultuous post-convention stretch revived concerns, according to a Republican with knowledge of Adelson's political activity.
Trump is not getting his support because he's not a bought off puppet. Other massive Republican donors who ponied up for Romney and other shills are also refusing to donate to Trump as he threatens their interests.
While Adelson's absence is significant, it's not unique. He is one of many major Republican donors to sit on the sidelines in this general election.

Charles and David Koch are focusing their political dollars on Senate races, as are Joe and Marlene Ricketts, the owners of the Chicago Cubs. New York hedge fund manager Paul Singer has stayed out of the race against Clinton, as well.

Furthermore, of the top 10 Republican donors in this election, every one either supported a candidate other than Trump or worked to defeat Trump in the primaries. They include Ricketts, Singer, investment banker Warren Stephens, Ken Griffith of Citadel Investing and Steven Cohen of the Cohen Foundation.

Of those top 10 donors, only two have joined team Trump. Richard and Elizabeth Uhlein, who gave more than $5 million to anti-Trump super PACs, are now donating and helping Trump raise money, while Robert Mercer, who gave more than $13 million to a pro-Cruz super PAC, gave $2 million to pro-Trump super PAC Make American Number 1.
It's clear as day Trump is the first ever real threat to the establishment -- that's why they're doing everything they can to destroy him.

From the lying media, to Hollywood, to the Koch brothers, to Adelson, to Rupert Murdoch's sons, to George Soros and Haim Saban, electing Hillary Clinton and keeping Trump from becoming president is their top priority.

This is why it's so important we do everything in our power to help him win.

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