Germans Will Be Required to Stockpile Supplies for First Time Since Cold War

Chris Menahan
Aug. 23, 2016

We have to bring these poor immigrants in, even if it means our society collapsing into total war.

From RT:
German authorities are set to introduce a new state defense plan that would make citizens stockpile food and water, enough to last for at least ten days, in the event of a major disaster or an armed attack, local media revealed.

The nation is to be encouraged to put away food reserves to take care of themselves in case of emergency, Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung (FAS) daily reported on Sunday citing a 69-page draft drawn up by the Interior Ministry.

“The population will have to hold an individual food stock that is to last ten days,” the document titled “Concept for Civil Defense” reportedly said.

Alarm systems, better building protection, wider health care coverage have also been named among the necessary things needed to boost security level in the country.

The concept is to be submitted for a parliamentary committee vote on Wednesday, a spokesman for the interior ministry told AFP.

Though an attack in Germany is not seen possible, people should “prepare appropriately for a development that could threaten our existence and cannot be categorically ruled out in the future,” the report suggested.
Of course there's no chance of more terrorism, that's just the pipe dreams of conspiracy theorists who read the news and see the terror attacks every week.

What's important is these poor children, much like the debris covered Syrian boy, need our help:

For the low price of $1 trillion, you can provide these child refugees with a home.

Isn't it obvious these young children come in peace and only seek to enrich our culture?
Protection of government bodies is also a matter of priority, the document reportedly says, adding that in case of need responsibilities of one body should be easily handed over to another one.

Apart from that, civilians should provide more support to the German armed forces, the document concluded.

This is the first time since the Cold War period that the German government has suggested its citizens take such steps. The move may have been triggered by the two Islamist attacks and a shopping mall shooting carried out by a mentally unstable teenager. However, Frankfurter Allgemeine claims the plan was worked up as early as 2012.
Indeed, this has nothing to do with the recent terror attacks. After those, the government instead drew up plans to force mandatory Islam classes on all German schoolchildren in order to "combat extremism."

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