WATCH: Leftists Support 'Blacks Only' Tax Reduction

One respondent says tax break a "great thing" because of "all the riots"
Paul Joseph Watson

Aug. 22, 2016

Told that President Obama had announced a 10 per cent tax cut for African-Americans and Latinos only, the vast majority of leftists in San Diego agreed with the policy.

“President Obama has announced he’s going to be giving African-Americans a 10% tax break….to try to help heal the racial wounds that you guys have experienced over the years,” Mark Dice informs one black man who agrees, commenting, “We’ve had a lot of heartache in the past.”

Another woman said the policy was a “great thing” because of “the judicial system and the whole cop situation and all the riots you’ve been having,” suggesting that it was a good idea to reward rioters in places like Milwaukee and Baltimore.

Another hipster-looking man said a 10% tax cut for blacks was “the least we can do” as well as “a step in the right direction,” and that a tax break in excess of 10% would not be unjustified.

“Three words – black lives matter,” responded another individual.

“Since I’m basically Mexican, I think it’s pretty much a good break, I mean for people that doesn’t make that much money – it’s really good,” adds another.

An older white man agrees that the tax break policy is a “great gesture for black people,” but that it should probably be 15%, concurring with Dice that taxing white people more would make everyone ‘more equal’.

“The government’s heart’s in the right place,” he concludes.

Only one African-American man at the end of the video understands that the whole idea is ridiculous, remarking, “I don’t think giving one ethnicity a break like that would be a step in any right direction.”

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