#HillarysStool: Pictures, Video Show Clinton Struggles to Stand on Her Own

Chris Menahan
Aug. 17, 2016

Hillary Clinton has serious health problems.

Jim Hoft reported earlier this week Hillary has started taking weekends off. Now we see from Mike Cernovich and Kyle Olsen she is literally struggling to stand up on her own.

Watch how she grasps for everything just to remain stable in this video from Monday in Scranton, Pennsylvania:

Mike Cernovich said last week Hillary's people "want her and Trump sitting rather than standing" during the presidential debates:

Yesterday, Cernovich pointed out how she's constantly using a stool at all her rallies when she's not speaking:

The hashtag #HillarysStools was trending all day on Twitter:

In 2013, Hillary Clinton was hospitalized for a blood clot near her brain after falling and having a concussion. She was seen wearing extremely think glasses afterwards because she was experiencing double vision.

Something must have happened to her recently which is not being revealed.

As Chuck Johnson pointed out earlier this week, her father suffered multiple strokes and died of a stroke.

The risk factors for strokes can be hereditary.

As Johnson noted, "Radar Online reported in October 2015 that Hillary Clinton had suffered three secret strokes."

A Rasmussen poll last week showed 59% of Americans want to see her medical records.

If she doesn't have the fitness to stand on her own, she's not fit to take on the most stressful job in the world.

Trump on the other hand can comfortably stand up on a chair:

He can also jump highway barriers with no problem:

On Monday, Trump said Clinton "lacks the mental and physical stamina to take on ISIS and all of the many adversaries we face."

It appears she lacks the physical stamina to merely stand up on her own.

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