Milwaukee: Rioters Chant "Black Power" After Setting Fire to Gas Station, Smashing Cars

Chris Menahan
Aug. 14, 2016

Rioters in Milwaukee were filmed chanting "black power" after setting fire to a gas station, smashing up random cars and looting local businesses.

The riots were sparked after police shot a career criminal with "a lengthy arrest record" who was carrying a stolen gun.

From RT:
Riots and clashes with police have been reported in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, after a man was shot dead by an officer during a chase on foot on Saturday. Police say the victim was armed with a handgun.

Scores of angry African American protesters gathered near the scene of the police shooting at Sherman Boulevard. What at first seemed like a Black Lives Matter-style gathering, however, soon got out of control.

Several vehicles, including a police car, were set on fire, and a crowd of rioters then proceeded to break into and loot a gas station. It was then seemingly set alight too. An eyewitness nicknamed EX414 livestreamed the escalating violence on his Ustream channel.

Shots are being fired near the gas station preventing police from extinguishing the fire there, the Milwaukee Police Department said on its Twitter account. Earlier, police said they were responding to the disturbance in the Sherman and Auer areas, tweeting about “officers working on peacefully dispersing [the] crowd.”

Over 100 protesters confronted a line of 20 to 30 officers, Journal Sentinel reported. As the officers sat in their cars and were about to leave, some participants of the impromptu rally began hitting on the cars’ windows, smashing them.

The officers who had already left then returned to the scene, many of them clad in riot gear. Several shorts were allegedly fired by some of the crowd in the air.

[...]The events leading up to Saturday night’s riots began when an unnamed police officer pulled over a car with two men inside, who then left the vehicle and attempted to run away. A chase started on foot and police fired shots at one of the men, fatally wounding him. The 23-year-old, whose name has not been revealed, allegedly possessed a handgun that had been determined as being stolen, police spokesman Capt. Mark Stanmeyer told the media.

Following the incident, the officer who fired the shots was placed on administrative leave and an investigation into his conduct was launched.

Milwaukee assistant police chief Bill Jessup told Sentinal that the man killed had “a lengthy arrest record” without specifying the nature of crimes.

The gun the suspect had been carrying was stolen in March in Waukesha, Jessup claimed, adding that overall some 500 rounds of ammunition had been stolen in that burglary.
More video of the looting:

No doubt the media will say this "protest" was "largely peaceful."

Here's a shot of how the demographics have changed in Milwaukee over the last few decades:

Since the rise of the Black Lives Matter movement the last two years, the homicide rate in Milwaukee has skyrocketed according to the DOJ.

We can be certain this whole riot will somehow be blamed on white people -- that is if the media even chooses to let it into the news cycle.

After all, I heard Trump told a joke which could be misinterpreted, therefore that's probably bigger news.

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