Flashback: Hillary Clinton Suggested Obama Would Be Assassinated

While leftists go ape over Trump’s Second Amendment comments, a reminder that Hillary literally said Obama might be murdered in 2008.
Steve Watson

Aug. 10, 2016

Leftists and corporate media talking heads are en mass losing their minds over comments made by Donald Trump yesterday that 'Second Amendment people could stop Hillary', suggesting that Trump was calling for Clinton to be assassinated. Yet, it is obvious that Trump was suggesting no such thing, and it's deliciously ironic that in 2008 Hillary literally said that her opponent, then Senator Obama, could be assassinated in a Robert Kennedy like hit.

Here's what Trump said:

As both Trump's running mate Mike Pence, and several others have pointed out, Trump was talking about Hillary's pledge to enact strict gun control, and the fact that gun owners could stop her by voting against her.

"I think what Donald Trump is clearly saying was that people who cherish that right, people who believe that firearms in the hands of law abiding citizens make our communities more safe, not less safe, should be involved in the political process and let their voice be heard," Pence said.

Anyone with half a brain can work out that while Trump's comments were clunky, he did not in any way suggest Hillary Clinton should be assassinated. It takes a giant leap of logic to suggest such a thing.

Yet here are some of the headlines that followed:

GOP senator: No one should 'joke' about harming candidates
Dem senator: Trump made 'assassination threat'
Ex-CIA chief: Trump comment would get someone else a ride in 'police wagon'
Dem rep: Secret Service must investigate Trump
Ex-GOP senator urges RNC to replace Trump

The most ironic thing in all of this is that, unlike Trump, Hillary Clinton has actually suggested in the past that her political opponents could be killed off.

In 2008, Hillary declared that she wouldn't drop out of the presidential race against Barack Obama, despite trailing way behind, because 'anything can happen' and then she cited the assassination of RFK.

"We all remember Bobby Kennedy was assassinated in June in California." Hillary stated at the time.

Hillary's campaign went into spin mode almost immediately, saying that people "misinterpreted what she meant," and that "people did not understand the context in which she made this reference".

Yet, Hillary was quick to walk back the remarks after the Obama campaign denounced them.

"The Kennedys have been much on my mind the last days because of Senator Kennedy (who had recently passed away) and I regret that if my referencing that moment of trauma for our entire nation, and particularly for the Kennedy family, was in any way offensive," Clinton said. "I certainly had no intention of that whatsoever."

Obama responded, stating "I have learned that when you are campaigning for as many months as Sen. Clinton and I have been campaigning, sometimes you get careless in terms of the statements that you make, and I think that is what happened here. Sen. Clinton says that she did not intend any offense by it, and I will take her at her word on that."

Trump reacted to the criticism of his comments in an appearance on Fox News Tuesday night:

"This is a political movement. This is a strong powerful movement, the Second Amendment. Hillary wants to take your guns away," he said, adding "She wants to leave you unprotected in your home. This is a tremendous political movement."

"And there can be no other interpretation. Even reporters have told me. I mean, give me a break." Trump declared.

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