Muslim Woman Sues Airline for Asking Her to Do Her Job & Serve Alcohol

Chris Menahan
Aug. 10, 2016

A newly converted Muslim woman filed suit against her employer because they asked her to do her job and serve alcohol.

From the AP:
DETROIT (AP) -- A Muslim flight attendant has sued ExpressJet, accusing the airline of wrongly suspending her because she refused to serve alcohol to passengers.

The Council on American-Islamic Relations' Michigan chapter announced Tuesday it filed the lawsuit last week on behalf of Charee Stanley, a Detroit-based flight attendant for the airline headquartered in Atlanta.

The federal court case follows a discrimination complaint filed last year with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, which dismissed it without determining whether the airline violated the law.

Stanley alleges ExpressJet didn't provide a reasonable religious accommodation and seeks back pay and other damages.
According to CAIR, asking Muslims to do their jobs is discrimination.

Meanwhile, Ahmed "Clock Kid" Mohamed, who now says he's lost his ability to create, returned to America after complaining about being "home sick" in order to sue his school for "civil rights violations."

Previously, his lawyers sent letters to the school district and the city of Irving demanding $15 million and written apologies to avoid a suit.

"How to get a $250,000 scholarship to MIT and an invite to the White House."

The blessings from this wonderful community just keep on coming. As Paul Ryan and Hillary Clinton would say, "they're truly our greatest Americans."

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