SAD! Paul Ryan Defeats Paul Nehlen

Chris Menahan
Aug. 09, 2016

Paul Ryan has defeated Paul Nehlen handily to retain his seat in Congress.

The poll indicating it would be a blowout was indeed accurate.

The poll showed Paul Ryan had an 80% favorable rating while Nehlen was 16%, the polls right now with 60% reporting show 83%-16% for Ryan vs. Nehlen.

Nonetheless, the same poll showed Trump with a 52% favorable rating vs. 32% unfavorable.

This is one of those situations, much like in Utah, where these non-diverse folks have no idea what's actually going on in other parts of the country. Ryan's district is 88% white.

These people don't see immigration as a pressing issue because they don't see it first hand in their daily lives like people in California, Texas, Florida or New York.

While it's sad Nehlen lost, Ryan was at least forced to pose as a nationalist to retain his seat.

Regardless of this loss, the right is rising throughout the globe.

Norbert Hofer in Austria is currently winning in the polls after having the election stolen and "far-right" parties are on the rise all over Europe.

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