Aspiring Social Media Star Films Herself Stealing Trump Signs in Exchange for Retweets

Chris Menahan
Aug. 07, 2016

A 20-year-old student filmed herself stealing two Trump signs off a random person's lawn in exchange for "two retweets."

Boston University student Katia Checkwicz, of Springfield, Massachusetts tweeted out on Wednesday: "2 RTs and I'll steal two Trump signs off a random person's lawn that I saw earlier."

After getting those two retweets, Checkwicz shared video of her criminal theft on Twitter and said she felt "lit AF," meaning extremely high.

Watch the video:

While Checkwicz threw the Trump signs in the trash, she said she's keeping the aluminum rods because they're "useful AF" and she plans to "make abstract wall art with it."

After Twitter users pointed out she committed a crime, Checkwicz justified the theft by saying it was "freedom of expression."

She also tweeted: "My mom tried to say it was illegal to take those signs. I said it was freedom of expression bc the video is clearly a performance art piece."

After getting more heat on Twitter, Checkwicz said she committed the theft because "I was angry. Tired of people like me being served injustice daily."

"White supremacists love sitting comfortably in their privilege," she said, "so my goal is to make them uncomfortable as possible via Twitter."

The comments are interesting considering she also posted a screenshot showing she's getting $21,300 a year in grants from Boston University.

Checkwicz later apologized for her theft, saying "I very much regret what I did."

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