New On Comedy Central: Female Comedian Whines About Male Privilege & Periods

Chris Menahan
Aug. 04, 2016

Angry women whining about "wage gaps," "male privilege" and their periods is now what passes for "comedy" on SJW Central.

In this clip from "Not Safe with Nikki Glaser," Glaser manages to recite every single feminist talking point you'd hear at some weird conference, then complain about her period.

All her jokes are memes taken straight from tumblr, yet she doesn't give a single citation nor give anyone any credit for these "jokes."

In order to inform her viewers of what it's like "to be a woman," Glaser sits down with comedian Riley Silverman, "who came out as a woman six years ago."

MSNBC's Chris Hayes.

Mr. Silverman whines about how "being a woman" "costs more money."

"Everything is a little bit more money," he says. "Everyday I have to have a different skirt... when I was living as a man... I'd wear the same jeans every day, for like a month."

Glaser goes on to discuss how women's products cost more than men's, says it's a "pink tax," then whines as though this is some patriarchal conspiracy rather than a reflection of supply and demand.

Glaser somehow manages to transition this discussion into a segment on her periods where she asks men to buy feminine hygiene products for her.

In six short minutes, Glaser manages to embody every last stereotype about why women comedians are not funny.

The whole scene perfectly encapsulates how for the hostile elites who control our media, pushing propaganda trumps turning a profit.

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