"Because I Am a Muslim!" German Police Cover-Up 19yo Afghan Smashing up Church

Chris Menahan
Aug. 01, 2016

German police "kept quiet" about an incident last week where a 19-year-old Afghan smashed up a church in Hamburg.

From PI-News (via Diversity Macht Frei):
It happened a week ago, but the police kept quiet about the incident and the church management did not file a complaint, it has only just come out: last Friday a 19-year-old Afghan stormed into the Versöhnungskirche [Church of Reconciliation] at around 7.20 pm in an open community evening in the Eilbek district of Hamburg. He threw chairs and benches around, kicked over a Bible stand, splintered the glass and threw hymn books onto the ground. According to an eye-witness, the church-goes present were very afraid and let him continue his destruction. No wonder, he was wearing swirling Islamic dress, which might have hidden a suicide belt.

The Muslim did not speak during his destructive rage and also had no connections to Salafists, therefore the State Protection department of the state criminal prosecution agency assumes there was no "Islamist" motive.

...Eyewitness Peter H, who sent PI the photo of the Afghan attacker, reports that he asked the Muslim in front of the church why he had done it as he ended his affray. The Afghan then screamed the answer: "Because I am a Muslim!"

Similar happened last month in Italy, where a Muslim screaming "it's all wrong" destroyed a statue of Jesus from the 1700's:
A young man of North African origin likely entered the church of St. Jeremiah and has heavily damaged the religious artifact. It was stopped by the caretaker and some faithful.

“It’s wrong. It’s all wrong,” he kept repeating the young Muslims that this morning has created havoc in the church of St. Jeremiah , in Cannaregio, Venice (the same one that houses the relics of Saint Lucia).

The church caretaker explained what happened.

I asked him to explain what he meant by ‘wrong’, I could not understand – said the caretaker -. And he approached the crucified – a work of 1700 – and began to shake violently. Then I asked him: ‘ you Muslim? ‘. he answered yes and started to give the sacred image thrusts. he wanted to hurl it to the ground at all costs. ” In the end, the crucifix fell to the ground before the keeper could stop the man
Last week, a group of ISIS terrorists stormed a church in France and slit a priest's throat while shouting "daesh," which is another term for ISIS.

These people are waging war against us, yet we're letting them into our countries with open arms.

The Obama administration just granted "temporary amnesty" to 8,000 Syrians they imported into the country after Hillary destabilized the middle east through her and Obama's interventions in Libya, Afghanistan and Syria.

Now, Hillary Clinton says the solution to the refugee crisis she helped create is to flood America with these people so they can vote for Democrats.

HT: The Gateway Pundit

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