Stephen Colbert So Desperate for Ratings He's Making Fun of Hillary

Chris Menahan
Jul. 19, 2016

Perhaps for the first time in his show's existence, Stephen Colbert actually spent over 2 minutes making fun of Hillary Clinton.

The event was so newsworthy it merited its own article in the Washington Times:
Late-night host Stephen Colbert “took the gloves off” and went into a nearly three-minute long skit this week on Hillary Clinton’s integrity.

“F*** it, I gotta take the gloves off,” the comedian told his audience Monday night. “The Late Show” host then began a series of pop-culture analogies to demonstrate the former secretary of state’s alleged dishonesty.

“Secretary Clinton, you are so untrustworthy that Beyoncé is working on a concept about you,” Mr. Colbert said. “Come on. Come on, Hillary. You knew that people think you’re untrustworthy, and then you did something untrustworthy. That’s like Richard Gere going to the pet store and hovering around the gerbil aisle. You look so shady right now that FIFA wants to hire you. […] I wouldn’t trust you with Secret deodorant.”

The comedian then said that Mrs. Clinton might want to check her email server for fortune cookies because “I’m guessing there’s been a lot of Chinese take-out.”
Here's the clip, it's not actually funny in a comedic sense, but it is funny how awkward he's acting while criticizing the old hag:

Les Moonves said previously he was fine with Colbert tanking the time slot in the ratings by letting him "be Colbert" -- meaning be a Democrat operative who repeats talking points straight from the DNC while applause signs order the the audience to clap and laugh.

I guess a total collapse in the show's ratings must finally be hitting CBS's pocketbook.

Regardless, no one in the comments seems to be buying it:

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