Convicted Somali Rapist Caught Trying to Rape Again Upon Release

Chris Menahan
Jul. 16, 2016

No one could have predicted this.

Note, this is not the exact same story I shared earlier this month, that was a different Somali immigrant engaging in the exact same "culturally enriching" behavior.

From the Daily Express:
A SOMALI illegal immigrant who served time in prison for rape is set to go back behind bars after trying to kidnap children by pretending to be a police officer.

Abdi Waise was allowed to stay in Britain after winning a human rights appeal that followed a six-year stint in prison for raping a woman in 2008.

The twisted sex offender had only been to jail three weeks when he snatched a schoolgirl and tried to take several others in North London.

Waise preyed on the helpless children in January, offering one 10-year-old boy £10 and cannabis if he went with him.

The creepy criminal then began pretending to be a policeman as he stopped several children on their way to school.

He tried to search one young girl’s bag and followed her until she pointed Waise out to her parents.

He then grabbed another girl by the wrist who managed to get away and stopped two more who he accused of buying drugs.

At one point, Waise put his arm round an 11-year-old girl and attempted to convince her to go to his house.

But despite him taking her coat and bag, the girl was able to run away from the migrant who came to Britain when he was 10-years-old.

After abandoning his plan to pose as a police officer, Waise offered £20 to a group of schoolboys if they could get girls to take liquid isopropyl nitrate.

The young boys declined his offer after he told them: “If you give it to girls you can do what you want to them.”
In his defense, the "rise of European fascism" probably made him do it.

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