Black Lives Matter Shuts Down Toronto Gay Pride Parade to Demand Free S**t

Chris Menahan
Jul. 04, 2016

The the left is continuing to implode.

Black Lives Matter lunatics interrupted a gay pride parade in Toronto to call the organizers out for their "anti-blackness," they also demanded free money, free jobs and other handouts.

Here's their comical list of demands:

Hilariously, as the Toronto Star reports, the executive director Mathieu Chantelois "signed the list of demands on the spot."

The CBC had an hilarious interview with lead BLM lunatic Alexandria Williams:

Also of note, this year's Pride parade was led by Cuckmaster General Justin Trudeau who marched side-by-side with an HIV-infected Syrian refugee.

This is the new left, a coalition of groups which hate one another and whose only common bond is the desire to feed off productive citizens like parasites.

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