New California: Mandatory Vaccines & Total Gun Bans

Chris Menahan
Jul. 04, 2016

California, a one-time bastion of freedom and opportunity, has been transformed through leftist policies and mass immigration into a communist hellhole with total gun bans and mandatory vaccines.

Let this disaster serve as a lesson to the rest of us.

Via Breitbart:
California Parents saw the institution of a new vaccine mandate on Friday barring new students from entering or seventh graders from advancing in school, unless they have a list of shots required by the state. The new law is pushing some parents to move out of the Golden State.

Hundreds of parents from across the state protested, testified at capitol hearings, and pled with legislators not to pass SB 277, but were overruled by legislators. The new law prohibits previously allowed personal belief exemptions for parents who objected to one or more otherwise required school immunizations. The law applies to students enrolled in not only public but also private educational institutions.

A highly stringent medical exception is offered for those students whose doctor afford it to them. Without the tough-to-get clearance, children entering day care, kindergarten or seventh grade must have up-to-date vaccinations as determined by the state or a doctor-signed vaccine record showing a child is in the process of receiving the mandated shots.

Democrat legislators seized on a Measles outbreak believed to have broken out in Disneyland at the end of 2014, pushing the measure as a solution. Patient zero was never positively identified. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention noted that the strain was "genotype B3, which has caused a large outbreak recently in the Philippines, but has also been detected in at least 14 countries and at least six U.S. states in the last 6 months (1)."

U.S. public health officials declared measles eliminated from the U.S. in 2000. The CDC pinpoints measles cases each year in the U.S. to exposure to the disease in foreign countries. The December 2014 outbreak was ending before SB 277 passed in the California legislature.

The author of the bill, State Senator Richard Pan (D-Sacramento) claimed Thursday that the bill would keep children safe from "dangerous, preventable diseases," according to the Sacramento Bee.
They want to "keep us safe from diseases," yet they have open borders allowing their state to be flooded with unscreened disease carriers from the Third World.

Makes sense.

The state also passed a series of bills amounting to pretty much a total gun ban. Incidentally, the total demographic transformation of the once republican state from whence Ronald Reagan came into Mexifornia paved the way for such socialist nonsense to be popularly accepted, just as it is in Mexico.

Via the Sacramento Bee:
Fifty or so gun activists gathered Saturday morning at Sacramento’s Cesar Chavez Plaza to protest Gov. Jerry Brown’s signing of six gun control measures they said would turn “law-abiding citizens into criminals.”

One bill Brown signed will expand the state’s assault weapons ban to include “bullet-button” rifles, which allow users to quickly dislodge a magazine of ammunition by pressing a button. Others prohibit citizens from possessing magazines that hold more than 10 rounds and require background checks on people purchasing ammunition.

...Protesters from cities across Northern California gathered at the intersection of 10th and J streets 9 a.m. Saturday. They hoisted a banner that listed the bills signed by Brown, next to the phrase: “WE WILL NOT COMPLY.”

Cory Gwathney, a co-organizer of the protest who lives in Chico, said the rally had been in the works for over two months. The initial goal was to prevent Brown from signing the bills, Gwathney said, but because the laws were signed prior to the protest, the activists changed their message to one of noncompliance.

“He passed them yesterday before we could get out here, which sort of threw a wrench in the plans,” said Gwathney. “Now we’re just trying to send the message that we’re probably not going to comply. They’re infringing on our rights, and we’re not going to stand for that.”

Gwathney said it’s unlikely people will actually register their bullet-button rifles or turn in their large-capacity magazines as the laws require. People have invested thousands of dollars in bullet-button rifles, ammunition and magazines, Gwathney said, joking that his guns are his 401(k) plan.
The law-abiding have been turned into criminals, while criminal illegal aliens are placed above the law and given scholarships for $300k.

This is what's in store for the rest of America if we don't turn things around.

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