Illegal Immigrant BUYS 14yo Girl from Guatemala to Use As Sex Slave, Maid

Chris Menahan
Jul. 03, 2016

An illegal immigrant -- whom the media is comically calling a "Morganton man" -- was arrested for buying a 14-year-old girl from Guatemala and using her as a sex slave and maid.

The man's family, who all seem to be illegals as well, knew of the arrangement and appear to have thought nothing of it. He reportedly bought the girl from other family members in Guatemala.

This is the culture we're importing.


MORGANTON, N.C. A man in Morganton is locked up under a $1 million bond, accused of human trafficking of a child.

Public safety officers learned of the case after getting a 911 call that a 14-year old girl had been assaulted.

Channel 9 reporter Dave Faherty spoke with family members of the man, who said he paid thousands of dollars for the teen to come to the United States and he planned on marrying her.

..At the home Thursday, his cousin explained why she was here. His daughter helped translate.

"She can clean up and do stuff. And also sweep and mop, the cousin told Faherty.

...According to the arrest warrant, the agreement not only included services for cooking and cleaning but also sexual acts.

...Channel 9 has learned police believe it was one of the girl's own family members who brokered the deal, taking cash in return for the teenager.
This is the culture we're importing and these are the people we're importing. Hillary says we're not bringing in enough and wants to bring in more than ever to displace "native" Americans entirely.

This "Morganton man" is an illegal immigrant, he's not a "North Carolinian," like the rest of his family he's a Guatemalan:
Channel 9 asked if Mendez is in the U.S. legally. Public safety officers said at this point they can find no documentation that he is.
That means he's an illegal and they don't want the bad press. When Trump said "they're rapists" and "they're bringing crime," he was absolutely right.

Build the wall, deport them all.

Throw Hillary and any liberal who supported these policies out with them.

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