Amarillo Hostage Taker Muslim Immigrant from Iran

Chris Menahan
Jun. 15, 2016

Despite police "specifically" withholding the Amarillo hostage taker's immigration status yesterday, local news site reported he's an immigrant from Iran.
Neighbors and family members described the man behind Tuesday’s hostage situation at an Amarillo Walmart as a longtime resident, part of a quiet family who didn’t come across as violent.

Amarillo police said Mohammad Moghaddam, 54, fired shots and held two hostages at gunpoint at Walmart, 4215 Canyon Dr., before Amarillo Police Department SWAT officers shot and killed him.

The hostage situation was described as a “workplace violence event.”

The Moghaddam family came to Amarillo eight years ago from Iran, two of the family’s grown children said Tuesday at their Southeast 36th Avenue home. They said their mother, Leila Gachlou, Mohammad’s wife, also works at Walmart. The children, Adel, 30, and Atefeh, 27, were home while the incident was still unfolding. They have lived on 36th Avenue for at least the last eight years.
Moghaddam reportedly took two co-workers hostage because of a "workplace dispute over a promotion."

The media is of course completely ignoring his religion and race, it wasn't reported in the AP, who chose only to report him as "male."

Perhaps in keeping with the media's phony hysteria over the Mexican judge and the Orlando shooter being a "New Yorker," they'll refer to Mr. Mohammad Moghaddam as a "native Texan."

We can be sure this case will be swept under the rug as it shows Donald Trump is absolutely right about open borders threatening American lives.

HT: The Gateway Pundit

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