WATCH: Dutch Female Reporter Spit on by Migrants

Chris Menahan
Jun. 09, 2016

Viral video shows two migrants harass and spit on a young Dutch female reporter.

The incident took place earlier this week in Rotterdam, Netherlands.

After witnessing the crime, Livable Rotterdam Councillor Bart Joost van Rij was seen trying to hit the men with his bag to no avail.

The reporter was reportedly doing on story on the city's Mayor, Ahmed Aboutaleb.

Evidently, the people of Rotterdam elected a half-Moroccan Muslim, who is a dual citizen of both Netherlands and Morocco, to be their Mayor.

A Google search reveals Aboutaleb is attending this year's Bilderberg conference.

He's also pro-migrant invasion and went to stage a photo-op with a bunch of "refugees" given shelter at Erasmus University in Rotterdam.

Aboutaleb is also a self-described "Jihadist."
As the son of a Sunni Muslim imam, Aboutaleb also tackles head-on what he sees as a deep lack of knowledge and misconceptions about Islam.

"Jihadist is the completely wrong word. I am a jihadist. I'm doing the right thing for the city the entire day. I'm a jihadist," he said.

"There are 68 definitions of jihad, if you remove a spike from the street or a piece of glass ... to prevent a bicycle being harmed by the spike, you are a jihadist."

"Cultural enrichment" in action, folks.

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