Kristol's David French Turns His Back on America!

Chris Menahan
Jun. 06, 2016

Nooooooooooo! We've been abandoned folks!

The great white hope David French is dropping out of the race!

He had so much traction and was guaranteed to Make America Pretty Darn Neato Again™ with his "F the white working class" domestic policy and "Israel-First, second and third" foreign policy!

Via Fox News:
National Review staff writer and Operation Iraqi Freedom veteran David French said Sunday he will not mount an independent presidential run.

French made the announcement in an article posted on the National Review's website Sunday evening, saying that while he opposes both presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, he determined after "serious study" that he is "not the right person for this effort."

"I gave it serious thought -- as a pretty darn obscure lawyer, writer, and veteran -- only because we live in historic times," he wrote. "Never before have both parties failed so spectacularly, producing two dishonest, deceitful candidates who should be disqualified from running for town council, much less leader of the free world."
"Given the timing, the best chance for success goes to a person who either is extraordinarily wealthy (or has immediate access to extraordinary wealth) or is a transformational political talent," French wrote. "I'm grateful for the opportunity to serve my country, and I thank God for the successes I've had as a lawyer and a writer, but it is plain to me that I'm not the right person for this effort."
Who is supposed to lead us now?!

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