'Hillary Clinton: More of the Same' - Pro-Trump Super PAC Releases Savage TV Ad

Chris Menahan
Jun. 05, 2016

WOW, this is a great TV ad!

This is the first ad from the pro-Trump "Rebuilding America Now" Super PAC and it's absolutely savage!


CNN reports the Super PAC appears to have been setup by an ally of Paul Manafort:
A close associate of Donald Trump, Tom Barrack, told CNN's Erin Burnett on Thursday that a new pro-Trump super PAC has secured $32 million in financial commitments. The move could potentially upend Trump's existing super PAC structure.

Super PAC officials earlier in the day filed documents with the FEC for a new group, Rebuilding America Now, that Barrack said had attracted tens of millions of dollars in early money. Barrack, who hosted Trump's first major fundraiser, has long been pointed to by donors as an eventual point man for Trump's super PAC operation, which thus far is nascent and has yet to attract large donations. He said he will not have a formal role with the group.

How to troll the Hillary campaign.
About four donors account for the $32 million, Barrack told CNN. These include new donors who have never donated large amounts of money to the Republican Party before. It took five phone calls to woo the donors, Barrack said, who he declined to identify.

Barrack said the principal operatives behind the group are Ken McKay and Laurie Gay. McKay, the former campaign manager to New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, is currently a senior adviser to Trump's campaign and would be required by election law to "cool off" from the campaign before aiding an outside group.

Gay is an ally of Paul Manafort, Trump's chief strategist and one power center in Trump's cadre of aides. The treasurer for the group is Ryan Call, a former chair of the Colorado Republican Party.
The Free Beacon reported last week Hillary Clinton has spent triple that of Donald Trump just trying to secure the democratic nomination, meanwhile Bernie Sanders came out yesterday and said he's certain there will be a contested convention.

RealClearPolitic's poll average shows Trump has had a huge surge over the last two months and the polls are now neck and neck:

It'll be interesting to see how the riots in San Jose affect the polls, especially considering Hillary came out yesterday and said she pretty much wants to give all the rioters amnesty.

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