Couric's Anti-Gun Doc Director on Deceptive Editing: 'I Stand by It'

Chris Menahan
Jun. 03, 2016

The director of the Katie Couric anti-gun documentary Under the Gun said she stands by the deceptive editing in her film and attacked the "NRA" for fixating on it.

Via Breitbart:
Days after Katie Couric apologetically admitted misrepresenting pro-gun voices via the insertion of a pause in Under the Gun, director Stephanie Soechtig took a different tack and said she stands by the pause. In fact, Soechtig suggested the pause is only getting coverage because the NRA fixated on it.

...according to the Chicago Tribune, Soechtig only regrets that she gave the NRA something on which to focus. Soechtig said, "Had I known those eight seconds out of a two-hour film would give the NRA something to fixate on, maybe I would've done something different. But I made a decision, and I stand by it."
In her initial response, she said she editing the clip to "provide a pause for the viewer" and didn't intended "to make anyone look bad."

Here's the audio and video:

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