WATCH: Trump Supporters Take On White Guilt-Ridden Leftist & More

Chris Menahan
Jun. 02, 2016

Epic new videos from Infowars show uncucked Trump supporters go to war with white guilt-ridden leftists!

Faith in America = Restored!

Via Infowars:

An anti-Trump protester in Sacramento defends his white guilt and thinks "white privilege" is rampant in America.

Trump Supporters Stump Protesters Vulgar Language

Trump supporters in Sacramento stump uninformed protesters on immigration, and claims that Trump is a racist.

13 Year Old Trump Supporter: "People Don't Want To Work Hard"

A very sharp 13 year old Trump supporter and Infowars listener explains how people don't want to work hard in America.

Protester Removed From Trump Event

A protester was removed from the Trump event being held on private property in Sacramento, California.

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