Professor: Racist Trump Supporters Bigger Domestic Terror Threat Than Jihadists

Blames Trump for violence carried out by anti-Trump radicals
Paul Joseph Watson

Jun. 02, 2016

George Mason University Adjunct Professor David Alpher thinks that the American right-wing is worse than Islamists and that racist Donald Trump supporters pose a bigger domestic terror threat than radicalized Muslims.

In an article for left-wing website Raw Story, Alpher claims that the rhetoric "used to mobilize violence" in countries like Iraq and Kenya is being replicated across America with the rise of the presumptive Republican candidate.

"This same dynamic, I argue, is taking shape within American society now. If it continues, it represents a greater threat than anything we face from terrorist groups outside our own borders," writes Alpher, claiming that hate crimes attacks on Muslims are exploding.

He goes on to blame the "growing physical violence at Trump rallies" (which has almost exclusively been carried out by anti-Trump agitators) on a backlash against "an increasingly diverse and progressive American society" characterized by Trump supporters' "anti-Muslim, anti-immigrant, racist and antigovernment sentiment."

The professor asserts that those who claim to be "defending the Constitution" are merely looking for an excuse to legitimize violence and that Donald Trump's rhetoric mirrors that of Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh and convicted murderer and white supremacist David Lane.

Alpher goes on to accuse Pamela Geller, Ann Coulter, Michael Savage, and Glenn Beck of "pandering to fear, prejudice, theft and betrayal unchallenged."

Alpher blames all this on Donald Trump's "praise of violence and embrace of racism and political extremism."

As the College Fix's Dave Huber highlights, Alpher is wrong on just about everything.

Anti-Jewish hate crimes, which some would argue are exacerbated by anti-Semitic vitriol coming from the left, continue to outpace Islamophobic attacks.

The entire narrative that Trump is to blame for the violence at his events has also been completely debunked by thousands of hours of video footage which exhaustively proves that anti-Trump protesters are some of the most vile, hateful and violent people you could ever have the misfortune to come across.

The claim that homegrown right-wing domestic terror represents a greater threat than Islamist violence has also been completely debunked by Florida State College-Jacksonville Professor Andrew Holt.

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