Germans Forced to Become Refugees Themselves, Flee Country Due to "Fear of Refugees"

Chris Menahan
May. 31, 2016

"I'm afraid now in Germany ... [The refugees are] all young men ... so many young men, a few families with kids and all these young men."

Those are the words of an elderly German couple interviewed recently on German TV's Report München.

The Report München segment, which was translated by Nash Montana and shared on YouTube by Vlad Tepes follows several German couples who've felt the need to flee their country out of fear due to the "refugee" crisis.

In effect — they've been forced to become refugees themselves.

One Hungarian real estate broker interviewed on the program says he's had eight inquires from Germans seeking to leave the country "because of the refugees and because costs are exploding for them."

Michael Müller, a computer scientist and AfD supporter from North Rhine-Westphalia said he's leaving his high-tech job to move to Hungary.

"In my home city, when I go through the downtown at noon, I am barely able to hear one sentence in correct German," he said. "That to me is proof enough that even small towns now are completely infiltrated by foreigners."

As I covered last month, the target country of many Europeans is Hungary. The nation is lead by right-wing leader Viktor Orban who has built fences around the country to keep migrants out, refused to take in any "refugees" from the EU, and says Hungary's constitution outright bans any "islamization" of the country.

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