Desecration: Memorials For US War Dead Vandalized, Destroyed & Looted All Over US

Random vandalism or BLM and the Reconquista Movement stepping up their attacks?
Chris Menahan

May. 30, 2016

Our nation's memorials for our war dead are been vandalized, destroyed and looted all over the country.

A Memorial Day field of crosses was run over by a 27-year-old African-American man, a Vietnam memorial was vandalized and tagged, the Cedar Falls Freedom Rock was similarly spray painted and Petersburg National Battlefield was looted of a host of historical artifacts.

KTLA reports 27-year-old Anthony Burrus ran over a field of crosses placed in a Kentucky park in honor for a Memorial Day ceremony.

"His1997 Ford Thunderbird was found abandoned at a McDonald's ...Pieces of crosses and stakes were found embedded in the tires."

Three days ago it was reported someone despicably "tagged" a Vietnam Veteran war memorial in Los Angeles.

The Freedom Rock in Cedar Falls, Iowa was also vandalized.

Also earlier this week, civil war relics were looted from Virginia's Petersburg National Battlefield.

Are we supposed to believe it's entirely coincidence all these desecrations are following the ramp up in the demonizing of our nation's history and founders as epitomized by the Obama administration's attack on Andrew Jackson as nothing more than a "slave owner"?

Is this really all just random vandalism or is this BLM and the Reconquista Movement stepping up their attacks?

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